Abstract submission extended to 21.05.21

Scientific Committee established

Online registration available


Program for SSC17


We have the pleasure to announce two courses available to you Monday morning on September 6th. Note that you have to register for these courses separetaly following the links below.

Introduction to Chemometric in R

In this course you will learn how to use most common Chemometric methods (PCA, PLS, basic pre-processing and variable selection methods) in R environment supplemented with mdatools package, dedicated for multivariate data analysis. The course is practice oriented; it is expected that participants know basic theory behind the methods.

This course will be held by Sergey Kucheryavskiy, and you can register by following this link (to IDA)

Introduction to Chemometric in Python

The course is designed for chemometricians who wants to learn to perform data analysis in Python. Different datasets will be analysed using classic chemometric methods with cookbook examples focusing on data import, visualisation, and validation. Though prior knowledge of Python is an advantage it is not a requirement.

This course will be held by Henrik Toft, and you can register by following this link (to IDA)