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Program for SSC17

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0845 Henrik Toft Introduction to Chemometrics in Python
1130 LUNCH and Registration
1230 Per Waaben Hansen Welcome to SSC17
ASCA/ DoE Chairman: Lars Houmøller
1240 Ingrid Måge Experimental design: the ultimate ChemomeTrick
1315 Margrét Thorsteinsdóttir Optimization of UPLC-MS/MS assay for clinical diagnosis and therapeutic drug monitoring in patients with APRT deficiency by design of experiments
1340 Ingunn Berget Intervention studies on gut microbiota: Can ASCA compete with methods that are specifically tailored for microbial data?
1405 Larissa R. Terra ANOVA-PCA and PLS-DA for volatile metabolites chromatographic profile analysis as an alternative method for early non-destructive and non-invasive detection of fungi species in Carica papaya (in vivo)
Classification Chairman: Lars Houmøller
1500 Zuzanna Małyjurek Two-step authentication of overlapping classes
1525 Marina Cocchi Interplay of decision rules and parameter optimization strategies in SIMCA
1550 Ana Maria Raluca Gherman Inter and intra class discrimination based on multivariate analyses applied on bacterial SERS fingerprints
1615 John H. Kalivas Two distinct frameworks to adapt source spectral calibrations to unlabeled target samples: (1) Local modeling by linking linear classification to regression and (2) transfer learning
1635 End of scientific presentations
1730 A drink in memory of Carsten Ridder (sponsored by LatentiX)
: Online presentation