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Program for SSC17

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0700 John Holm & Pia Jørgensen Morning run/ walk
Process Chairwoman: Mette-Marie Løkke
0830 Marco Reis Incorporating expert knowledge and system structure in high-dimensional statistical process monitoring
0905 Iveth Romero Online monitoring of H2S scavenging reactions in aqueous phase using Raman spectroscopy
Process Chairwoman: Mette-Marie Løkke
1000 Sin Yong Teng Chemical Quality Prediction by Inversing Dynamic PLSMAR: Balancing Interpretability and Accuracy
1025 Alessandro D’Alessandro Process monitoring of a pesto production process through RGB Imaging and Near Infrared Spectroscopy
1050 Tim Offermans Improved understanding of industrial process relationships through conditional path modelling with Process PLS
1115 Prizes and Closing of SSC17
1130 LUNCH & Farewell
: Online presentation