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Program for SSC17

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0700 John Holm & Pia Jørgensen Morning run/ walk
Theoretical Chairman: Åsmund Rinnan
0845 Puneet Mishra The hype in deep learning of spectral data, and when it really is useful
0920 Valeria Fonseca Diaz Unified framework for calibration transfer
Theoretical Chairman: Åsmund Rinnan
1015 Nikzad-Langerodi Ramin Towards calibration transfer with arbitrary standards
1040 Lars Munck Chemometrics extended to a parallel world of nondestructive Natural Chemical Computing
1105 Lars Erik Solberg Comparing calibration transfer approaches
1130 LUNCH
1230 Walk'n'Talk and Online Networking
Theoretical Chairman: Georg Rønsch
1330 Carsten Ridder Rank expansion (REX): A mathematical tunnel effect?
1355 Francisco Souza Contextual Mixture of Partial Least Squares Experts: Integrating process specific characteristics into model structure
1420 Andrea Jr Carnoli Alternative approaches to untargeted LC/GC-MS data analysis
1515 Johan Trygg Herman Wold medal
Imaging Chairman: Georg Rønsch
1545 Mohaman Ahmad Spatial-spectral analysis of NIR imaging data - A case study
1610 Raffaele Vitale Pixels that matter in chemical imaging
1630 End of scientific presentations
1830 Conference bubbles
: Online presentation